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React Hook Form Validation example | react-hook-form 7

In this tutorial, I will show you how to implement React Hook Form Validation and Submit using react-hook-form 7 and Bootstrap 4.

Full Article:

Overview of React Hook Form Validation example

We will implement validation for a React Form using React Hook Form 7. The form has:

  • Full Name: required
  • Username: required, from 6 to 20 characters
  • Email: required, email format
  • Password: required, from 6 to 40 characters
  • Confirm Password: required, same as Password
  • Accept Terms Checkbox: required


Some fields could be wrong:


Successful Submission will look like this:


For instruction and source code, please visit:


We're gonna use following modules:

  • react 17/16
  • bootstrap 4
  • react-hook-form 7
  • yup
  • @hookform/resolvers 2.4.0

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João Victor Galvão Modesto

Nice, I like to react hook form. To do in next post a show or hidden field utilization checkbox.