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Tiago Martins Peres 李大仁
Tiago Martins Peres 李大仁

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Present your work in iLRN 2020 Doc Colloquium

Hi all

I wonder if there is someone in here doing a PhD in something related to immersive environments / XR / VR / AR, or that knows someone (that knows someone) that matches that criteria.

This year the conference organized by Immersive Learning Research Network will take place online and participants are sought to present their work at the Doc Colloquium.

With this you (or the person you mention) will have an opportunity to meet people who share the same interest, gain visibility in the work and receive feedback from other academics.

Get in touch with me if you are interested, want to refer someone or want to know more information.

#vr #xr #immersion #phd

Read more about it here -

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