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Thuwarakesh Murallie
Thuwarakesh Murallie

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Replace Virtualenv with Poetry.

You are not still using virtualenv, are you?

Virtualenv is an old school way to manage dependencies in a Python project. They use to do well. but we have excellent alternatives to replace it now.

Poetry is the best tool I found in Python.

Learn more about Poetry

This relatively new tool is not a replacement but a complement to Virtualenvs.

  • They help you manage development and production dependencies separately.
  • Sync environments with the team
  • Conveniently package and publish it to repositories (eg: PyPI)

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Dendi Handian

I'm using Poetry over Pipenv

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Thuwarakesh Murallie Author

Awesome. I was using virutalenv before. How do you feel after switching to Poetry? What do you think are the distinguishing features? Love to learn from you.

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Dendi Handian • Edited on

If you have using Composer in PHP or NPM in NodeJS, it has the same experience. Poetry is the tool that I have been looking for that "equivalent" to those tools.

check my post about poetry: