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Discussion on: Why I Made My Own Personal Documentation Site?

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Bernd Wechner

Don't get me wrong, I document my own stuff all the time, and nab and store other documentation but I don't see a need to keep a website for it alas. I use Joplin, and it sync between my work and home PCs and all my mobile devices via the NextCloud instance I do maintain, and Joplin can store webpages (as links, as complete HTML, simplified, markdown) via browser plugins and so on. It's got a beta server too that self hostable and will support better sharing with others (shared todo lists and suc) - my general point being, while I extend my respect to the personal documentation site, I prefer to use existing tools that I can, if they fall short in any way easily enough contribute to via PRs and don't need a public facing website to store my docs (not least as it's not all public info).

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Yehezkiel Gunawan Author

Yep it's up to you, you can make or do it by your own way or preferences. There is no formal rules for developing personal docs, because everyone have their own preferences.

By the way, Joplin seems interesting. I like open-source tools that boost my productivity. I will look and discover more of it soon.