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Discussion on: Becoming self-employed: A personal journey and best-practices for making the leap

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Bernd Wechner

Thanks Max, a great summary and bookmarked.

On small oversight that caught my eye:

"that shows a range of 80-125€ is common for such freelancer positions in Germany."

Alas a € means nothing for a pay rate (and is commonly seen alas all the same alas), and €/hour or €/day, €/month, €/year all have meaning in terms of payment rates. I infer this one to be be €/hour but alas, given the huge pay disparity rates in the world, this is also not an unusual €/day rate. So it's definitely worth being explicit.

As an aside, I was born in Kempten down the road, and my maternal family is still there, and in 2015 when passing through stopped in Munich to meet the only other Bernd Wechner on earth (that is findable on-line and we have ironically similar educational background).

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Max Ritter Author

Thanks for the feedback Bernd, really appreciate it! You are right, in another part of the world, this could have been as well the daily rate. I have adjusted it to make it clear in Germany it's an hourly rate.

The world is such a small place! I was born in Mindelheim, which is not far away from Kempten. Maybe I have to look out for my name twin as well ;)