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Discussion on: Emojis in commit messages: ✅ or ❌?

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Bernd Wechner

I'd have to try and see what they look like in the CLI version of git (probably just the raw markdown which would be fine) and gitkraken (my favoured git client). Even so I would not ever encourage flippant use of them, but I find emojis actually handy for categorization - a bit like tags.

Ben Sinclair finds they are all but impossible to search and filter by which is a sound word of warning. Though I wonder why that is so, if searches and filters are on the raw markdown, so you can search for :bug: and not 🐛. They could operate like tags when used prudently, that compress into identifiable icons in some contexts.

But to be honest if they work well like that and don't get in the way of cli use or other clients I fully expect they'll just become more and more usually and widely used. Collectively, we vote by adoption or not.