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Discussion on: Build your CSS loader with only one div — The Dots

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Bernd Wechner

Loved reading this thanks. Very nice. Doubt I'll ever make time for such artistic creation ;-) but that aside, what I'm a little rusty on (euphemism for clueless) is how this div is a CSS loader. I'm guessing you put the div on the page somehow, and on an event handler that's called when the whatever is complete you hide it?

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Temani Afif Author

A div, a span or any element can be your loader. We generally inject such element dynamically as a position:absolute element inside another element to create a loading effect and as you said a handler will later remove it.
You can also work by adding a class to the element that will trigger the creation of the loader inside a pseudo element then remove it when the work is done, ex:

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