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Bernd Wechner • Edited on

Interesting perspective. I have so little time for video tutorials it's not funny. I'm in that I'm who searches for stuffed online as and when I need to, and if I find a video typically curse and keep scrolling to see if there's a written version. A written introduction, tutorial, or manual, whatever. I can scan these, search for terms and find what I need in a fraction of the time that I'd waste watching a video.

And even when that turns costly it's because in hand on trying stuff out following since when guide.

There are two areas I routinely appreciate videos though, where visuals are vital. When in repairing my car, it is so nice to see someone else's effort at same, and when I'm repairing appliances (electronic or electric), again so useful often just for opening the things as they often have snap locks and pressure points that are hard to divine without risking damage. It's a godsend when someone has done it before breaking the case or such as needed, in video, to diagnose how it should be opened.

For IT stuff, well is good, and of course the family of stack overflow sites is awesome. I want info, targeted and fast generally.