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Bernd Wechner

But I take it on board too, the accessibility issues and will start apply metrics to my work over time, but also think it important as more and more of us learn about them that we politely remind others who haven't noticed yet, just as has happened here.

Not least because when I read a recent post on accessibility here (there are quite a few - I just searched again) I remember being struck by how some of them at least just made all round good sense - by which I mean benefit everyone and are not just about accommodating an arguably small too-easily neglected demography of people with special needs. But special needs are not even small demographics I worry. I worry that is/was a past illusion of my able bodied self ... I came across a colleague in office recently, young too, who runs their screen at 125% zoom (and we had to redesign a dialog box in our software because it didn't fit on this staff members screen!). And with awareness it becomes easy to spot more and more people around us that like to zoom in on websites, or are colour blind, or, or, or. It's really not wildly uncommon ...

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Stefan Wright Author

I totally get that, a previous company redesign their customer facing portal to "match the brand colors" and they had red & green CTA's (Call to Actions for clarity), I raised the query in the demo which button was which. To which I received very bemused looks...I am colourblind and so similar shades of colours such as red & green (in this case they were both slightly desaturated) will appear the same to me. They never actually changed it :( despite me complaining about accessibility requirements they advised me to modify the contrast on my monitor!

We're in 2021, accessibility needs to be accounted for and I for one know I need to improve there