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Discussion on: The web does not exist - what would you do differently?

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Bernd Wechner

No-one has a crystal ball. But my suspicion is it would be what it is ... call me a kind of determinist if you will. But in a sense it has evolved, as has everything, it is not an overnight revolution, it is a gradual small step evolution. And that is the nature of things (with the exception of tipping points and actual revolutions of course, Gladwell is fun to read on that). And as such the first small steps that are likely to evolve into the web are kind of defined, hard to image being different. The tin case connected with strings (which was our 300bps dial up net in the early days) and subsequently the notions of document sharing and linking one document to another ... and so on ... I see it all emerging in a fairly similar pattern regardless of when.

And this is all assuming no benefit of hindsight, in other words total naivete. I f we live in a world with no web today, and hence no conceptualization of one, nor idea of one. Even if we had a vision, the likelihood that if the vision was grander than a small step that we reached it is small. In fact the thing about seemingly prescient people is not generally a skill they had so much as perceptual bias. That is of all the predicters and punters there were the ones we remember are the ones that got it right and maybe the ones who got it abjectly wrong and all those in the middle are simply forgotten.