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Want to start 100 days of Code again?

Hello devs,

I did my first 100 days of code once.
It got me some progress in my career.

Now, I wish I could do it again to level up my career.
I would post my 100 days of code progress in as well.

month 8,9,10 will be my average challenging months to reach 100 days target.

Mostly I will focus on Code structure, design patterns and AWS certified learning.

My Rules

At least 1 hour studying time will be taken each day.
After studying, will post on social media like Facebook,
Will track my daily progress with some app
Will Review every week (at the end of week, mostly like Sunday night)
Will Keep Notes
After finishing 100 days of code, I will review myself and let everyone know about my 100 days journey

Everyone, Give me energy and Wish me luck!


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dostonnabotov profile image

Good luck!

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