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Thrijith Thankachan
Thrijith Thankachan

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The Headless WordPress Experience with Frontity

Ever since I came to know about the possibility of a headless setup for WordPress, I have always been tempted to try it out.

I tested out a simple setup based on Next.JS on my local setup, before going ahead with Frontity on my blog with high traffic, which now has 2 posts counting this one 😅

You can check out the simple implementation here which is based on this

The setup is pretty straightforward you may follow this, to get started.

Run npx frontity create mysite-frontity-app && cd mysite-frontity-app select your desired theme and it will create a starter setup for your Forntiy app, run npx frontity dev, to launch the app, it will use a demo site to get the posts data for your newly created site.

Go ahead and edit frontity.settings.js and point @frontity/wp-source => api field to your WordPress site, run npx frontity dev again you should now see posts from your site instead of data from the demo site.

Deploying your site in Vercel

Frontity has a dedicated section which covers the deployment on Vercel ( Previously Zeit )

Once your app is set up correctly, it will be visible in your Vercel Dashboard, it will create a random URL for your site, you can test your site there.

You can also set a custom domain for your site, settings for the same can be found under Project => Settings => Domains, you'll also have to set up an ALIAS record to point your custom domain.

Settings Page

Sample ALIAS record in ( My domain registrar )

Please note it may take a couple of hours to reflect the change.

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Aravind Ajith

We gave Frontity a try last month, ended up building our own site in it! We were amazed by the result and wrote a detailed case study on the experience.
You can read it here -

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Reyes Martínez

Thanks for sharing this! 🙂