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It's Also called K8s so Kubernete*s*, 8 characters in the middle are removed. Now you can impress your friends that you know why it's referred to as K8.

I always thought the reason for this is that "ete" in "Kubernetes" sounds like an 8, so we have "Kubern8s". What kind of eights? Well, "Kubern" eights are not a real thing, so we skip the "ubern", and now we have "K'8s", which just becomes "K8s".


Hi Thorsten. This is what Google themselves say..


But who knows what else is true ;)


Yeah it's a similar principle to internationalisation being shortened to i11n as it has 11 letters in the middle and just makes it quicker to type and slightly quicker to say

But... it's i18n, because 18 letters have been dropped.

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