Discussion on: PKCE authenticaton for Nuxt SPA with Laravel as backend

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how can I see that? i'm new to cors, its hard to debug when it works local but not on the server

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StefanT123 Author

Read the documentation for fruitcake/laravel-cors

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When I read the docs I can't find info on what to change to get post to work . Do you know where to se an example on a Update with "post" have been used, with Nuxt/Passport? almost all examples are just GET

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Now it works. :)

My post looks like:

    const access_token = cookies.get('x-access-token');
    this.$axios.setToken(access_token, 'Bearer')

    this.$axios.setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json', [

      .$post(process.env.LARAVEL_ENDPOINT + "/api/trials", {

        grant_type: 'authorization_code',
        client_id: 1,

I also removed a / from /api/trials (is was /api/trials/)

I will try later to remove some of the code to see if it all have to be there.