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Discussion on: Pitch me on C#

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Corey Thompson

1.) You have all the great speed and size benefits of a compiled language without having to enjoy the sadism of the C/C++ toolchains and dev experience. :)
2.) It's a fantastic language for a beginner, but also a powerful enough language that you could only ever use C# without being limited.
3.) Best-in-class IDE support. Java might be the only competitor with a tool as good as Visual Studio in combination with C#. "Ctrl + ." isn't a meme, it's a way of life.
4.) Compiled code = multi-target capable. Yes, .Net Core has just picked up in the last few years to make targeting multi-platform a cakewalk, but it's technically all byte code.. Our company has a C# environment for our embedded devices that runs without a full-blown operating system or .Net Framework. This was all possible without the hassle of porting our codebase to Go, Rust or going "native".

The only downside of C# that I have is, for better or worse, multiple inheritance is not supported.