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re: I studied for five years, then it was about a year of applying before I found my first developer job. After that, the second developer job came wit...

Thanks for responding Rachel. What did you do whilst you were studying if you don't mind me asking? For me, whilst I was studying I was also working full time which meant a lot of 5am starts and late finishes/ not much social life.

Great to hear that once that experience did come to you through your first role, your second job was there so much quicker.


For my first couple of years (during community college) I continued to work part time and did full time school as well - that was pretty a pretty manageable workload until I finished my Associate's and moved on to my Bachelor's degree. Then I left the retail job I was working and just spent a year or two on myself where I more or less lived on the excess financial aid and made some money decisions that I now regret (oops, live and learn!) Later into my degree the workload started to lighten up as I filled out all of the electives and "fluff" work like Humanities credits, so I picked up a different part time job working in a retail warehouse early mornings for a bit. Grew tired of that after a year and started pet sitting/dog walking and coaching at my gym to pay the bills.

I started applying to jobs about a year before my graduation, and became more serious about it about 6 months away from the big day. I managed to find my first software dev job the same month I graduated! :)

Hmmm, that was probably a longer story than it needed to be.. lol

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