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Hackathon Ideas for Students

thomasrayner profile image Thomas Rayner ・1 min read

Hi! I'm attending a hackathon in a couple weeks for high school aged kids in the US (specifically, Ohio). I'll be there to do some mentoring, judge, and to act as an ambassador for my employer, who is sponsoring the event.

I'd like to come prepared with some suggestions for teams that might not have any ideas for something to work on, and was wondering if any of you folks have any interesting suggestions I could "borrow". They're probably not coming in with a whole ton of experience, and they have about 8 hours of working time to put fingers to keyboards and crank something out.

I've got a few ideas in mind already, but would love to know what you people think. If all else fails, I'll just fall back on the Wolfram Alpha Hackathon project Generator 😁.

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Matthew D. Miller

I would encourage them to pick a project that aligns with their interests.

  • If they are into tabletop gaming or RPGs, they could create a script that procedurally generates a dungeon or hex map.
  • If they are into music, they could create a LV2, VST or Audacity plugin.
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Thomas Rayner Author

Appreciate the suggestions!

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Tim Curwick

An app for school administrators to see the tentative and final decisions of other school districts in the area in real time regarding potential school delays or closures as a winter storm approaches. (Preferably also ties in mapping and weather data, but probably not in the time allotted unless you have some good samples for that prepped in advance.)

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Thomas Rayner Author

Oh, topical! Awesome suggestion. Thanks!