MDI icons search web app for productive front end devs

thomaskientz profile image Thomas Kientz ・1 min read

Material Design Icons's icon library is awesome, and gaining a lot of traction lately as Vuetify defaults to it with v2.

But the official website totally sucks, and looking for the right icon is a pain 🤮.

As a front end dev, I use icons a LOT and finding the right one is usually not a breeze.

So I have built a small web app to search MDI's icon. I have used Algolia to power the search and thanks to the open sourced collaborative list of meta tags for each MDI icons, the search will returns you related icons (eg : search for 'house' will return you 'home' icons as well).

Try it out : mdisearch.com

PS - It is open sourced, built with Vue and Vuetify.


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