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Great article!

I want to make an addition for in case you are stuck while debugging:

Take nothing for granted. Question everything. Oftentimes you skip lines assuming them to be too simple to break. When necessary go line by line through your code, including the obviously correct ones. Gather as much information as possible.


I've told this story a lot but when I was working on a React project when I was learning I was getting so frustrated because something just wasn't working. I struggled for like an hour and then asked for help. Two hours later I had like 6 people in Zoom with me when we finally realized instead of "component" I had typed "compontent" and we were all just skipping over that line when we were looking for the problem.


Great story!

I could relate to that. If one is new to a topic there is this feeling of being lost. And if then things do not work, you get frustrated and feel more lost.

But being into a topic and overlooking a simple typo drives you nuts :D

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