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I just started my first campaign of Ironsworn. Ironsworn is a tabletop roleplaying game. What makes it special is, that it has rules for solo-play. So it is lke playing out a personal movie or reading other people's diaries.

The setting takes place on the big fictional Island of Ironland - which resembles something like Iceland. How you detail the world is up to you. The ruleset gives you good advice on how to create a good fiction that works.

My fictional me is Elstan a warrior whose main job is to protect his village from intruders and wild beasts. He is a warrior like his father.
And he bears a dark secret: As a kid he has seen his father slaying the clan leader of the village in the woods. He can't remember the exact circumstances - he was 8 years old at the time - but there was afterwards a big fight in the village and up to date, Elstan has never told of the guilt which is on him, knowing the murder of the clan leader and effectively protecting his father from law enforcement; instead he always tried to be overly loyal to the actual clan leader to compensate for that.

The interesting part of solo play is to write everything down: actions, decisions, thoughts etc. Everything which makes a nice story.


That's nice. While I do play games with my wife and friends, I like ones that have solo play modes (like the Arkham Horror LCG, Tiny Epic Zombies etc). I'll check out Irownsworn, thanks!


Any opinions about XCOM TBG? I found it on sale but I'm not sure, none of my friends like it. But I'm tempted and I love X-COM on the PC.

Well, I ended up buying it. I played it twice so far. It's fun, but the first time we ended playing 4hs because we didn't use the timer. With the timer, it's much more intense. I want to play it again.

I ordered Dune, so I'll try that next week.

Thanks for the feedback! Curious about Dune too, but alas lately I never seem to find time for board games.


Ironsworn has several playmodes:

  • Solo
  • Coop without GM
  • Typical RPG with game master

Today I learned table top games have solo Mode thanks!


Check out Fantasy Flight Games, quite a few of their games have solo modes.

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