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For me the biggest myth - or fetish - is the distinction between junior and senior developer.

Working for a long time in a job doesn't make you automatically good at it.

Being new on the job doesn't mean, you do not provide value.

Being experienced in one part of your field doesn't make you experienced in another one. It is quite likely, that you are in one part senior and in another part just a junior.

For me there are only developers - each with different personalities, skillsets, talents and potential.


Yes, but these labels, when spoken and understood correctly, help convey a rather long and complex description in one word.


complex description

And what would that description be?

It's not my job, somebody else do it. Vs here's an opportunity to attain that label.
I see this mentality alot, Im guilty of it even if I wish I wasn't.

The point is I want to see a world in development where your ability to do something is controlled by your motivation and skill alone. FE and BE that's another frustrating label set, you are developer.

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