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What is your best tools for chat with your team?

thomasbnt profile image Thomas Bnt ・1 min read

What is your tool for a better communication with your team ? And why?

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If I have a choice IRC. It lets me get my work done and ignore chat unless absolutely needed.

  • It is extremely customizable
  • Can choose preferred client or cli
  • It has built-in communication protocol (i.e. ping/pong for back and forward or q&a)
  • Filters messages to specific windows/buffers/logs

I have also used MS Teams, slack, and discord (yes other than for gaming). I think they're all pretty good. Thought, I'd rate slack the lowest only due to lack of native dark theme (don't feel like spending hours editing css every update.)

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Dmitrii Pashutskii • Edited

Slack is probably the most common tool because its popularity. Everybody knows it thus easier to integrate.
My favourite is Telegram, but it's not convenient for big teams.

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Thomas Bnt Author

Oh yes.. I suggest Discord but is not really for team working πŸ˜•

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Dmitrii Pashutskii

Discord is amazing, but it's not so popular among not gaming world :)

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Daniel Uhlmann

We use RocketChat for our chat communication. So far it has remained my favorite.

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