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Thomas Bnt ☕
Thomas Bnt ☕

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Time to share your RSS feeds 🙌❤️

I've always liked RSS feeds, gathering everything together on an application or whatever, to keep abreast of a new article (or other entry) without having to systematically check EVERY website to see if there's anything new.

Thanks to @erikgiovani for re-sharing the repository on your post. I've been able to expand my list, and give more womens voices, especially on topics that interest me like accessibility! ♿

GitHub logo ErikGIovani / mujeres-en-tecnologia

The list to give visibility to more women content creators or those who stand out in any field of technology.

Don't hesitate to share your RSS feeds and those you follow!

Did you know that every DEV profile has its own RSS Feed? There mine!

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Thomas Bnt ☕

I start!

From the same link repository at the post, I founded Lea Verou, she's a passionned about Web starndards, also W3C TAG (Technical Architecture Group) member since january 2021.
You can know more on this /about 🙌

i share it, because a11Y is a important topic for me, and some posts on their blog contain this! And of course, she's integrated RSS feed yaay!

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Erik Giovani

Thanks for share ❤