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5 WebStorm shortcuts I use everyday

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I'm using WebStorm IDE since I have a student license and one of the things I really like is the shortcuts !

We are writting a lot along the day and we are most of the time making the same actions over and over again.

This is why I searched for a faster way to do them. 🚅

1- Multiline editing

alt + left-click this let you edit everywhere in you code.

1.2 Multiline with text search

you can select next text occurence with alt + j and then edit multiple line in once. (useful if you forget a porperty)
multi-line 2

⚠ Do not consider this as a rename tool.

2- Duplicate a line

this one seems useless but it's a real time saver.

I sometime use it to 'multi line edit afterwards'.

3- Moving things around

You can also move you lines up and down with ctrl + shift + (up or down) so you are not forced to copy/cut.
moving lines

this also works really great with JSON...

4- Clipboard History

did you knew that Webstorm keep in history the content you have copied/cuted ?
Well now you know ! you can choose what to past with ctrl + shift + v.
clipboard history

5- Growing selection

when selecting something you can grow the current selection to the next level with ctrl + w to lower the selection hit ctrl + shift + w.


This is one of the reasons I love WebStorm. let me know if you have other useful shortcuts. and if you learned some of them ! 🎉

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