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Ansh Gupta
Ansh Gupta

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The Wink Programming Language-Make Enterprise Application fast and secure.

Hey guys,
I'm Ansh.A student from India and I'm one of the developers of Wink 😉. Actually we have one developer only and that is me.And this post is gonna be about the Wink Programming Language which is a Java like programming language that can be used to make Enterprise Applications more faster and more secure.


If you know Java then you know that it's one of the oldest programming language created by Sun Microsystems and it has been used a lot for developing enterprise applications and today still developers consider Java if they want to develop enterprise applications.
But having hundreds of pros Java has some cons also like:
•It has a complex application development environment.
•Tools can be difficult to use.
•Java Swing environment's ability to build graphical user interfaces has limitations.
•May cost more to build, deploy and manage applications.
•Lacks built-in support for Web services standards.
•Hard to learn for new developers.


I started developing Wink as a hobby project in August 2021 and currently it's written in Golang but in future it's going to be in C or self-hosted.

Planned Features

•Java ecosystem in Wink
•That means you would be able to use any Java module in Wink.
•And yes going to make it easier to learn.
And here's a little bit taste of it.

let add=fn(a,b){
    return a+b
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Presently Wink is closed source but in future it's going to be open source.
If reading this makes you excited about Wink and you think you can contribute with code then you can contact me here at:
Thanks so much for reading! 😊

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