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My Course on Angular Getting Started

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I had planned an Angular Course for the community for a very long time, last year I even decided to stream it. But all efforts were unsuccessful.

There was too much in my plate, I decided to move to a new country, which caused lot of changes in my plan.

New Plan

I decided to publish it around May again, but due to other factors and depression. I decided to put it on hold again. The plan was to publish it as paid course, but with pay what you want model.

Finally Publishing It

I decided to leave my job in the mid July, which gave me some free time. I decided to utilize this free time and publish the course.

Why this course is Free

Lot of people may have this question why free, when I had decided to make it paid.

There is one reason - community, Last 7 months were really rough for me, staying away from your loved ones is hard, specially when they are stuck in different country and you can not visit them.

During this time, I got so much support from community, I decided to do something in return.

This is my small way to say think you for everything you all have done for me.

Where to get this course

You can access it on YouTube

What if you want to pay

This course will remain free forever, but if you decide to support my work, so I can invest more time creating content for community, you can use GitHub Sponsors link below:

Finally thanks to some amazing folks for sponsoring me:

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Rizèl Scarlett

Awesome!!! So nice that this is a free offer!

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Maya Singh

Great Work.

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Bipon Biswas

Oh no. Really happy to see. Thank you so much.