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Ng-News 23/29: Signal Component delayed, Signal & RxJs by Mike Pearson

The Signal Component might ship in Angular 17. Mike Pearson on Angular's simplification due to Signals. Jecelyn Yeen presented the latest features in Chrome DevTools.

Signal Component Delayed

First, let's start with Signals. Minko Gechev, Angular product lead, announced that the Signal component will probably not be part of Angular. 17. The Signal component is a new component type and will unleash the full potential of Signals.

Signals make Angular much easier

Signals will impact our applications. Existing patterns might become unnecessary or need adaptation. Especially the usage of RxJs will change. How? We have to discover that together as a community.

The latest contribution to the exploration comes from Mike Pearson, the creator ofof State Adapt, a state management library.

In his article "Signals make Angular much easier", he demonstrates the challenges we face with RxJs regarding straightforward problems. Signals simplify things but also come with limitations, which he will address in upcoming articles.

Chrome DevTools Latest Features

Jecelyn Yeen presented the updates of the Chrome DevTools since version 113. We can now override Response Headers. This comes in very handy for CORS issues.

Core Web Vitals are three performance-related metrics. The Interaction to Next Paint (INP) will replace the First Contentful Paint next year. With the latest Chrome version, you can measure it already today.

Architecture Twitter Space

And if you are interested in DDD, hexagonal architecture, and nx, listen to the Twitter Space recording hosted by Daniel Glejzner.

Minor Releases

Other than that, we had new minor releases such as Ionic 7.2 and Jasmine 5.1.


Jasmine 5.1:

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