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Episode 24/20: Angular Talks at Google I/O, JSWorld, TiL

Last week, we had the Google I/O and the release of the JSWorld conference recordings. Both conferences features talks of the Angular team.

Release Date Angular 18

Angular 18 will be released this week. There are some upcoming release parties scheduled for Thursday, the 23rd of May. For the official one, head to Angular's official YouTube channel at

Angular an application development platform that lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop. For more info, visit


Google I/O

Google's tech conference, Google I/O happened last week. The videos are available on YouTube

Google - YouTube

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The Angular talk at I/O provided an overview of the latest features and what to expect in the upcoming versions. The Angular team's representatives were Jessica Janiuk, Jeremy Elbourn, and Minko Gechev. They focused on improvements in hydration and zonelessness.

Jeremy also mentioned the authoring format and selector components. "Selectorless" means a component's selector and the required import in a parent component disappear. This will be another upcoming feature that will reduce boilerplate.

Interestingly, though, Jeremy mentioned the Analog format, which has caused quite some heavy debates in the past

Analog SFCs | Analog



Jeremy said that they have similar views in terms of identifying the problems and solutions when it comes to the authoring format.

What's new in Angular - YouTube

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JSWorld, another conference, published their recordings as well. The top talk was "Web Development at Google". Those were three sub-talks from Aurora, a team that collaborates with different tools to improve the web. The other two talks were about Angular and Wiz, which recently announced that they are joining forces.

Jatin Ramanathan from Wiz explained the behavior of JSAction, which will be a cornerstone for the upcoming partial hydration in Angular.

JSWorld Conference Replay 2024 - YouTube

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There was also a panel discussion between different framework/tooling authors on a wide range of topics, such as Signals, PWA, and AI.

TiL Conference

The "This is Learning" conference with different topics also took place. The recordings of the live stream are available on YouTube:

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