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Episode 24/13: Native Signals, Details on Angular/Wiz, Alan Agius on the Angular CLI

Signals might become a native element of JavaScript. More details about the Wiz/Angular partnership were revealed, and Alan Agius was a guest at the "Adventures in Angular" podcast.

Signals as TC39 Proposal

We usually assume Signals are a feature of a frontend framework. That might change. A TC39 proposal is on the way. That means there's a chance Signals might end up as part of the JavaScript language, which brings some advantages.

Because of standardization, it would be easier to switch between frameworks, tooling will likely evolve around them, and when the browser natively supports them, the bundle size will shrink, and we can expect superior performance.

All major frameworks participated in that proposal, which is in a very early stage and was led by Rob Eisenberg.

One of the main questions is, if we have to expect that the current syntax we have in Angular will require a re-write.

Very likely: No. The Signals are primarily for framework authors, who will wrap them with their own code and attach their rendering approach to them.

If you are interested, a polyfill is available.

GitHub logo proposal-signals / proposal-signals

A proposal to add signals to JavaScript.

🚦 JavaScript Signals standard proposal🚦

Signals logo

Stage 0

Authors: Rob Eisenberg and Daniel Ehrenberg

This document describes an early common direction for signals in JavaScript, similar to the Promises/A+ effort which preceded the Promises standardized by TC39 in ES2015. Try it for yourself, using a polyfill.

Similarly to Promises/A+, this effort focuses on aligning the JavaScript ecosystem. If this alignment is successful, then a standard could emerge, based on that experience. Several framework authors are collaborating here on a common model which could back their reactivity core. The current draft is based on design input from the authors/maintainers of Angular, Bubble, Ember, FAST, MobX, Preact, Qwik, RxJS, Solid, Starbeam, Svelte, Vue, Wiz, and more…

Differently from Promises/A+, we're not trying to solve for a common developer-facing surface API, but rather the precise core semantics of the underlying…

Angular & Wiz

Last week's episode mentioned the partnership between Angular and Google's internal, high-performant framework, called Wiz.

Minko Gechev, Angular product lead, published an article explaining the details. The long-term plan is to merge both frameworks together.

That means incrementally adding features of Wiz into Angular, which is what we can already see with the ongoing improvements in terms of SSR.

Angular and Wiz Are Better Together | by Angular | Mar, 2024 | Angular Blog

Authors: Jatin Ramanathan, Minko Gechev


Alan Agius at "Adventures in Angular"

Alan Agius, from the Angular team, was a guest at the Adventures in Angular podcast. Alan's focus is the Angular CLI, and he doesn't speak publicly that often.

The podcast discussed the different approaches to libraries when comparing Nx and the Angular CLI, the i18n tooling, and module boundaries and how to enforce them.

play pause Adventures in Angular

Paul Gschwendtner on output()

Paul Gschwendtner, also a member of the Angular team, published an article about the output function that landed in Angular 17.3.

Meet Angular’s new output() API. Angular v17.3 introduces the improved… | by Paul Gschwendtner | Mar, 2024 | Angular Blog

Angular v17.3 introduces the improved API for declaring outputs as a developer preview.


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