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Episode 24/12: Angular & Wiz, Analog 1.0, TanStack Form

The ng-conf Keynote showed a first version of Progressive Hydration and the cooperation between Wiz and Angular. Brandon Roberts released Analog, a meta-framework. Corbin Crutchley published TanStack Form for Angular.

Keynote ng-conf

The ng-conf in Salt Lake City took place. During the Keynote, Jeremy Elbourn and Minko Gechev announced that they want to intensive or join forces with Googles-internal framework Wiz. Wiz is made for high-performance web applications like Google's search or Photos.

It turned out that Wiz could benefit from Signals and Angular from some features of Wiz, like progressive hydration. Sharing code makes sense and might even happen in the long run that both frameworks become one.

Progressive Hydration will become one of the upcoming features. Jessica Janiuk showed already a demo version of it along with an explanation.

Progress Hydration means, that the application hydrates itself partially upon the users' interactions.

NG Conf 2024 Wednesday Morning Keynote w Jeremy Elbourn & Minko Gechev - YouTube

ng-conf 2024 is a two-day double track conference focused on building the Angular community. Meet the Angular Team and some of the biggest names in the comm...


Analog 1.0

We have a stable, community-based meta-framework for Angular. Brandon Roberts released Analog in version 1. As a meta-framework, it is a mix of a frontend and backend. It adds features to Angular, such as file-based routing, support for Vite and Vitest, or Server-Side Data Fetching. The most popular feature is the analog format, which has alternative authoring syntax.

Analog | Analog

The fullstack Angular meta-framework


TanStack Form

TanStack is a suite of tools that are not coupled to a specific framework. There is already an Angular version for TanStack Query, an alternative to the HttpClient. From Corbin Crutchley, we now also have TanStack Forms. And that's not all. Corbin also published a free e-book in which you can learn all three major frameworks at once: React, Angular, and Vue.

The Framework Field Guide | Unicorn Utterances

A practical and free way to teach Angular, React, and Vue all at once, so you can choose the right tool for the job and learn the underlying concepts in depth.


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