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Episode 24/08: Discussion about effect(), Signal Inputs, Developing with ChatGPT

Last week, a discussion about changing the effect function began. Paul Gschwendtner published an article on Signal Inputs and Joshua Morony about his ChatGPT experience.

effect() and potential changes

Even with Angular 17, we can't say Signals are fully stable. The effect function is still in developer preview. There is now a GitHub issue where Alex Rickabaugh from the Angular team explains the special situation of the effect function.

For example, when an effect creates a new View that uses Signals, the effect will also react when those Signals change. That might not be what you expect.

The Angular team is discussing what should happen in these cases. For example, the framework could not track Signals in those or similar cases.

Right now, we can manually opt-out via the untracked function, which we must place inside the effect.

Signal Inputs

Paul Gschwendtner, from the Angular team, played a huge part in implementing the Signal Inputs and published an article about it. He explained the benefits compared to the old @Input decorator and provided a lot of code snippets showing the different use cases.

Signal Inputs are still in developer preview, and the Angular team wants some feedback. Especially if some of its syntax confuses you and if you face issues because of the strict read-only behavior derived from the Signal type itself.

Developing with ChatGPT

For those who use or rely on AI for their daily programming life:

Joshua Moronoy shared his experience with ChatGPT and his challenge to find the right balance between using ChatGPT as an assistant but still being in control versus fully relying on it and not progressing.

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