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Episode 24/06: Signals, Forms, Class Composition, State Management, Enterprise Patterns

Lots of content about Signals, class composition, State Management, Signals & Forms, and enterprise patterns…

Signals at JSParty

Alex Rickabaugh and Pawel Koszlowski were guest at the JS Party podcast.

According to Alex, after Angular has existed for ten years, they discussed necessary changes because of technological changes but also preparing the framework for the next ten years. One of the main outcomings of these discussions where the Signals.

Time Position: 7:33

There have also been some discussions about RxJs, where Pawel said that not every company needs to manage an event stream but just fetches data and sends it back. It is essential to offer a simple solution to the as well.

Time Position: 51:08

Angular Signals with Pavel Kozlowski & Alex Rickabaugh (JS Party #310)

KBall & Amal interview Alex & Pavel from the Angular Signals team. They cover the history, how the Angular team decided to move to signals, what the new mental model looks like, migration path & even dive into community integrations and future roadmap.


Class Composition

Andres Gesteira wrote an article on class composition in TypeScript.

After some theory, he showed how different frameworks that deal with that problem. He also dives into the possibilities of inheritance, why we should avoid them, and go with composition. He then presented the concepts of decorators and mixins as possible approaches.

Andres' article is more of a a theoretical nature but gives you hard facts and provides different perspectives in the current "functional components" discussion.

TypeScript Class Composition

Unlock the secrets of TypeScript's Class Composition.


MiniRx Signal Store

Different state management libraries are starting and finished already moving towards Signals. The MiniRx Signal Store is one of them, and even supports the Redux pattern.

Florian Spier provides code examples and detailed explanations in his article.

Signal Forms

Although we know that the Angular team will provide a new Signal-based form module, some require a solution right now. Multiple community solutions exist.

The ng-signal-form from Tim Deschryver is one of the most popular, and Tim has written a lengthy article about it.

Enterprise Angular: Micro Frontends and Moduliths

Manfred Steyer released his e-book "Enterprise Angular: Micro Frontends and Moduliths with Angular" in the 6th version. He covers topics like architectural patterns, and the NgRx Signal Store.

Gratis eBook: Micro Frontends & Moduliths with Angular | ANGULARarchitects

Lernen Sie, wie Sie Enterprise Angular-Anwendungen erstellen, die langfristig wartbar sind. Gratis eBook von Manfred Steyer, GDE.


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