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Episode 24/05: Q&A with Mark & Jeremy, Nx 18, TypeScript 5.4

Jeremy and Mark from the Angular Team were quite busy answering questions. Nx 18 arrived with its new Project Crystal, and TypeScript 5.4 is also on the horizon.

Q&A with Mark & Jeremy

The monthly Q&A session with Mark & Jeremy took place. This time, Jeremy had the passive role of not writing code and used this opportunity to answer many questions.

The Angular team is moving more and more parts of their API to Signals. Upcoming features are the queries for ViewChildren and ContentChildren. They will return a Signal in one of the upcoming versions.

There is still some misunderstanding in terms of testing tools. Jasmine is not the same as Karma. Web Test Runner will replace Karma. Jasmine gets active maintenance and will stay.

According to Jeremy, communication skills are very underrated, especially technical writing. Improving that definitely pays off. A short and free course is available on Google:

Technical Writing  |  Google for Developers

Technical Writing Courses for Engineers


Nx 18

Nx, an alternative to the Angular CLI, released its new major version, 18. It comes with Project Crystal, which is also known as task inferring.

That means if a plugin detects a certain configuration file from a tool that the plugin knows, then it will automatically register the appropriate Nx tasks.

For more information, a launch event lasts half a day on Thursday this week.

Nx - Project Crystal - YouTube

What if Nx plugins were more like VSCode extensions? You drop them in and they automatically start enhancing your experience and productivity. This is what N...


Inferred Tasks | Nx

Nx is a build system with built-in tooling and advanced CI capabilities. It helps you maintain and scale monorepos, both locally and on CI.


TypeScript 5.4 Beta

TypeScript 5.4 was released in a beta version, which traditionally contains all the major features already. With NoInfer, we get a new utility type, which is useful for generic types and allows us to define those places where type inference should happen and where not.

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