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Episode 23/46: Implicit Imports & Signal-based inputs, Becoming Angular Contributor, DI deep-dive

Minko Gechev shared plans for upcoming features like "Implicit Imports" and "Signal-based Inputs". Matthieu Riegler on what it means to be an Angular contributor and Thomas Laforge with a deep-dive into Angular's DI.

Implicit Imports

Minko Gechev, Angular product lead, was a guest at Francesco Ciulla's livestream. In general, it was a basic introduction to 17, but Minko dropped a comment about an "implicit import" feature which might land in the upcoming versions.

That means we only have to provide the TypeScript import at the beginning of the file but not in the component's decorator.

Angular 17 in Action - with Minko Gechev (Google) - YouTube

Angular 17 in Action - with Minko Gechev @Angular Minko Gechev Story of Angular2:33 website7:1...


That was quickly picked up on X for obvious reasons, which caused the typical pros & cons discussions.

Signal-based Inputs

The same Minko Gechev was a guest at the ThisDotMedia livestream, where Brandon Roberts, Enea Jahollari and Deborah Kurata joined him. He mentioned that we might even get a Signal-based input in the 17.2.

He also explained what's going on behind the curtains and how much effort the Angular team puts into bringing different partners, libraries, and the complete ecosystem together to ensure that changes don't break anything.

Enea Jahollari brought up another interesting point. The source code of the new Angular website, serves as a template for a modern Angular application. Minko added that they want to make it zone-less as soon as the framework allows it.

Angular 17 Release After Party - YouTube

Join us for a deep dive into the newest Angular 17 release where core team member Minko Gechev and GDEs Brandon Roberts, Deborah Kurata, and Enea Jallohari u...


Becoming an Angular Contributor

Matthieu Riegler spent some time on the AngularAir podcast, giving tips on becoming an Angular contributor. Along with some quite insightful information, he warned about introducing breaking changes.

The Angular team has to fix all major breaking changes. Given the number of Angular applications inside Google, that's impossible. They rely quite a lot on the power of schematics, which automate those changes. Such a schematic has to be part of every PR which introduces a breaking change.

Deep-Dive DI

Thomas Laforge published a detailed article on dependency injection. It might not be that obvious, but different types of injectors are available.

For example, we have a PlatformInjector, a NullInjector, and - of course - the RootInjector. So, reserving some time to study his article is definitely well spent.

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