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Episode 23/41: @defer, Application Builder, new equality check in Signals

Matthieu Riegler on the new @defer and the Application Builder which will both land in Angular 17. Evgeniy Tuboltsev explained the new equality check in Signals and their impact.

Matthieu Riegler on @defer and ApplicationBuilder

Matthieu Riegler has a special status in Angular. In terms of commit count, he is the top contributor, even before the members of the Angular team and the very busy Angular Robot.

It is safe to say that he understands what's happening in the Angular codebase. Matthieu published three articles.

The first one covers the upcoming defer template command with all its possibilities, like trigger conditions, error handling, loading state and placeholders.

The second explains the consequences for the generated HTML when we have nested defers or combine it with the for command.

Matthieu's third article is about the upcoming Application Builder, which replaces the current builder we use when we run ng serve and ng build.
The Angular Builder uses esbuild with a potential performance boost of five times. And it also has server-side and pre-rendering built-in.

Additional content on the new Template Syntax

Further noteworthy articles around the new control flow syntax come from Netanel Basal and Luise Castro.

A Comprehensive Guide to Angular’s Defer Block | by Netanel Basal | Oct, 2023 | Netanel Basal

With the latest control flow enhancements, Angular v17 introduces an impressive and highly beneficial feature: the defer block.


Evgeniy Tuboltsev on new equality check in Signals

In the last episode, I mentioned that the stable Signal version comes without the mutate function. Evgeny Tuboltsev wrote an article about an even more impactful change that might go unnoticed.

In the past, when we called update on a signal holding an object literal, that signal always triggered. Even if there was no change at all. Now, it is the opposite. It only triggers on an immutable change.

If we call update on our signal and return the same object but mutated, then computed, effect, and the upcoming Signal component will not correctly work anymore.

Ng-Conf 2024

Ng-conf, Angular's biggest conference, published its date for 2024. The Call for Papers is now open as well.

ng-conf 2024 - Where the Angular community gathers.

The World's Original Angular Conference. Top JavaScript developers from Google and around the world. March 18th–21st 2024 / Salt Lake City, Utah


Minor Releases

Ionic, a framework for cross-platform development, was released in 7.5. All Ionic components and directives are available as standalone components.

Playwright, an E2E testing framework, went up to 1.39. Its main feature is the possibility of easily coming up with custom assertion functions.

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