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Episode 23/39: NxConf 2023 & New Template Syntax

NxConf 2023 in New York and the syntax for the template extensions, scheduled for Angular 17, has been decided.

NxConf 2023

The yearly NxConf took place.

Nx is an alternative to Angular CLI. It boosts the build process, testing, linting by caching and finding out those parts that have changed. The other main feature of Nx is, according to Juri Strumpflohner, Director of Developer Experience: integrating it (Angular) with all those different tools. You know how hard it is to introduce tech stacks and make sure that they are updated and they work in a coherent way.

The Nx conf lasted one day, and we also saw new features. For example, the Distributed Task Execution, where we can distribute tasks to multiple nodes running in the Nx Cloud.

Another new feature is "nx release". It helps in publishing npm packages, generating the ChangeLog and so on. Definitely interesting for library developers.

You can watch the recordings of those talks and much more on YouTube.

New Template Syntax: @defer, @if, @for, @switch

Angular 17 will contain the template's new extensions, making structural directives like *ngIf or *ngFor unnecessary because the control flow command will be directly built into the template.

As Michael Egger-Zikes pointed out on Twitter, this is an import pre-requisite for the upcoming Signal Component. The structural directives will not work with it.

The template will also receive functionality to load components based on different criteria dynamically.

Some people have already tried it out, and Matthieu Riegler even came up with a playground on Stackblitz.

The Angular team had to decide between two different syntax types. It's going to be the @.

Meet Angular’s New Control Flow. This November, we’ll release Angular… | by Alex Rickabaugh | Sep, 2023 | Angular Blog

This November, we’ll release Angular version 17 with a number of new template features, including a new built-in syntax for control flow…


More extensions are to come. Alex Rickabaugh, Angular Core lead, raised a question of an "import template command".

Minor Releases

We also had new minor releases such as Cypress, a testing framework, 13.3.

Cypress Release Notes

ngx-formly is a pretty powerful library to generate dynamic forms automatically. It was released in 16.2.

Ngx-Formly Release Notes

PrimeNg, a UI library went up to 16.4.

PrimeNg Release Notes

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