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Episode 23/38: TypeScript Origins, Reusable Forms, Bun in Angular, Svelte Runes

TypeScript Origins on YouTube explores TypeScript's early days. Dmytro Mezhenskyi discusses reusable forms, and Brandon Roberts introduces Bun. Signals are gaining prominence in modern frontend frameworks, exemplified by Svelte's upcoming "Runes".

TypeScript Origins

TypeScript Origins, a documentary on the early days of TypeScript, is available on YouTube. It covers topics like TypeScript's approach to JavaScript and its relation to VSCode and Open Source at Microsoft.

TypeScript Origins lasts one and a half hours and is a collection of interviews with different people who played and are still playing a key role.

The connection to Angular is a very tight one. According to Igor Minar, the former lead of Angular, TypeScript got a big boost because Angular 2 enforced it.

Igor also stated that Angular's decision to go with TypeScript split the Angular community and many developers left for React.

Reusable Forms

Dmytro Mezhenskyi, aka. Decoded Frontend, published a video on reusable forms or how we can distribute a huge form to multiple components.

Highlights were his explanation of the @Host decorator, the component's viewProviders property, and what impact they have once enabled.

These are features we usually use less often as application developers.

Bun and Angular

Two weeks ago, Bun, an alternative to Node.js, was released. I mentioned that it has yet to be officially supported by Angular, but you can still try it out unofficially.

Brandon Roberts created a short video introducing Bun, showing its main features, and creating a small demo app with Analog. Analog is a meta-framework for Angular.

Signals in Svelte

Signals are more than just a big topic in Angular. Other frameworks have already adopted them or plan to do that. One of those "upcomers", is Svelte.

In version 5, Svelte will introduce their Signals version, which they cool Runes.

It looks like Signals are becoming a standard for a modern frontend framework.

Svelte 5: Introducing Runes... with Rich Harris - YouTube

Rich Harris talks about the upcoming new features of Svelte 5.


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