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Episode 23/36: Q&A Session Angular Team, Sololearn Course, Astro 3 & Bun 1

Jeremy Elbourn shared the long-term vision for RxJs and Angular. Sololearn published a free Angular course. Bun, an alternative to Node.js, was released in version 1.

Angular Q&A

We had our monthly Q&A stream with Mark Thompson and Jeremy Elbourn from the Angular team. It was pretty special this time because we got a look behind the scenes. Jeremy was working and commenting on one of his current tasks where the compiler was part of it.

Obviously, it was just scratching the surface. Either way, you could get an impression of a typical development task of an Angular core member.

Questions have been answered as well. My highlight was, and here I quote Jeremy:

...this is something that is going to take years, of course. But long-term, we do want to move to a point where we're making RxJs optional for Angular...

That is something which hasn't been communicated in that clearness until now.

Watch the session here:

Building Games and Q/A with the Angular Team | September 2023 | #ngGames - YouTube

Angular Community, join Jeremy Elbourn and Mark Thompson as they answer questions and have some fun!


Free Angular Course on Sololearn

In the realm of educational resources, the Angular team has introduced a free Angular course on Sololearn, a unique learning platform.

Sololearn takes an unconventional approach to programming education, making it worth exploring.

Discover the course here

New free, interactive Angular course for beginners on Sololearn | by Mark Thompson (@marktechson) | Angular Blog

We are delighted to announce that we’ve collaborated with the online interactive code learning platform Sololearn to develop an…


Nx 16.8

Additionally, Nx, an alternative to the Angular CLI, has reached version 16.8. For more in-depth information, you can watch their release video.

Learn more about Nx 16.8

Astro 3.0

In the wider JavaScript ecosystem, we witnessed the release of Astro version 3, representing a new generation of frontend frameworks. While Angular can be integrated into Astro, it requires using Analog.js.

Astro has popularised the "island architecture," a unique hydration technique similar to Angular's upcoming deferred loading feature. Deferred loading refers to the hydration phase, which doesn't initiate automatically but via a trigger, such as when a specific element enters the viewport.

Read about Astro 3 here

Astro 3.0 | Astro

30% faster and more powerful than ever, Astro 3.0 is here! Includes new features and enhancements around View Transitions, Image Optimization, Fast Refresh JSX and more.


Bun 1.0

Furthermore, we celebrated the first stable release of Bun, an intriguing alternative to Node.js. Bun employs JavaScriptCore as its engine, unlike Node.js, which relies on V8. JavaScriptCore powers Safari, while V8 is used in Chrome. Notably, Bun outperforms Node.js, particularly in startup times.

Angular isn't yet compatible with Bun, but an open issue on GitHub discusses this potential integration.

Explore Bun's stable release and Angular compatibility here:

Angular Issue regarding Bun

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