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Episode 23/20: ng-India, Angular Air with Manfred Steyer

India's ng-india conference released talk recordings covering Angular topics. The AngularAir podcast featured Manfred Steyer discussing latest features. Spectator library released version 15 for testing enhancements, and Playwright upgraded to version 1.34 with UI improvements.

ng-India Recording

After the anticipation and excitement surrounding Signals, it seems that the Angular community has taken a brief pause. However, this presents an excellent opportunity to highlight some events and developments that may have gone unnoticed.

For instance, ng-india, India's largest Angular conference, made all the video recordings of their talks available on YouTube. The conference, which took place at the end of February and lasted one day, featured a range of topics. Talks focused on performance optimization, the ngrx component store, GraphQL, and more. With 14 talks delivered by renowned speakers, ng-india provided valuable insights for Angular developers.

Talks from the 5th Edition of India's Largest Angular Conference, ng-India 2-2023


Angular Air with Manfred Steyer

In a recent episode of the AngularAir podcast, Manfred Steyer was the guest, and the episode titled "Angular's Renaissance" covered a comprehensive overview of the latest features introduced since Angular 14. In addition to discussing standalone components and Signals, Manfred delved into architectural patterns, offering valuable insights and perspectives. The podcast was engaging, with the host, Mike Brocchi, actively participating by asking questions and providing comments.

New Releases

In terms of testing, version 15 of the Spectator library was released. Spectator is a library that enhances the testing experience on top of Jasmine or Jest. It has gained significant popularity alongside the "testing library" or ng-mocks and is as one of the most widely used libraries in the Angular testing ecosystem.

Spectator 15 Release Notes

Furthermore, the E2E testing framework Playwright received an upgrade to version 1.34. Notably, it introduced features for its UI mode, decoupling Playwright from VSCode and enabling its use with other IDEs.

Playwright 1.34 Release Notes

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