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Angular Addicts #25: Angular and Wiz will be merged, the differences between React and Angular & more

👋Hey fellow Angular Addict

This is the 25th issue of the Angular Addicts Newsletter, a monthly collection of carefully selected Angular resources that got my attention. (Here are the 24th, 23rd and 22nd issues.)

💎Angular Gems of April, 2024

📰 Angular and Wiz Are Better Together

Google has two web frameworks: Angular and Wiz. Historically, Wiz has been focused on performance-critical apps, and Angular has been focused on serving highly interactive apps. In their article, Jatin Ramanathan and Minko Gechev explain the differences between the two frameworks, and how the two frameworks will be gradually merged together in the coming years.

📰 Mastering the Design-to-Code Flow with Figma, Storybook, and Angular

In his four-part article series, Markus Nissl shows us modern workflows for design and development with the help of the synergistic relationship between Figma, Storybook, and Angular:

📰 Someone finally fixed Javascript

Effect is a powerful TypeScript library designed to help developers easily create complex, synchronous, and asynchronous programs. Almaju demonstrates four features of Effect:

  • Concurrency handling
  • Type safe error handling
  • Branded types, and
  • Dependency injection

📰 Understanding between Angular & React

Maksim Dolgikh wrote a series of articles to make it easier to understand the differences between the two major web technologies:

📖 Modern Angular

Manfred Steyer released the second edition of his free e-book titled 'Modern Angular'. It has 14 chapters, covering the following topics:

  • Implementation of Standalone Components, Directives, and Pipes
  • Compatibility with existing code and NgModules
  • Routing, Lazy Loading, DI, and State Management
  • Angular Elements/Web Components with Standalone Components
  • Modern architectures without NgModules
  • Successful use of Signals
  • The new Built-in Control Flow and @ defer
  • Options for automatic migrations
  • esbuild, SSR, and Hydration

👨‍💻About the author

My name is Gergely Szerovay, I worked as a data scientist and full-stack developer for many years, and I have been working as frontend tech lead, focusing on Angular-based frontend development. As part of my role, I'm constantly following how Angular and the frontend development scene in general is evolving.

Angular has advancing very rapidly over the past few years, and in the past year, with the rise of generative AI, our software development workflows have also evolved rapidly. In order to closely follow the evolution of AI-assisted software development, I decided to start building AI tools in public, and publish my progress on , Subscribe here 🚀

Follow me on Substack (Angular Addicts), Substack (, Medium,, X or LinkedIn to learn more about Angular, and how to build AI apps with AI, Typescript, React and Angular!

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