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Angular Addicts #24: Angular 17.3, Signals and unit testing best practices, Storybook 8 & more

👋Hey fellow Angular Addict

This is the 24th issue of the Angular Addicts Newsletter, a monthly collection of carefully selected Angular resources that got my attention. (Here are the 23rd, 22nd and 21st issues.)

📢Release announcements

📢What's new in Angular 17.3?

The latest minor version of Angular (17.3), was released last month. I've listed and explained the most important changes and new features in this article: What's new in Angular 17.3.

📢Storybook 8

Michael Shilman 's article covers the main things you need to know about the new Storybook version:

  • Built-in visual testing
  • React Server Component support
  • Upgraded Vue and React control autogeneration
  • Rearchitected Vite support, Vitest testing, and Vite 5 support
  • 2-4x faster test builds
  • Refreshed desktop UI
  • Rebuilt mobile UX
  • Removed React dependency for non-React projects

🎫 Win a free ticket to WebExpo Conf (Prague, Czechia, May 29-31, 2024)

WebExpo is a conference for developers, designers and anyone involved in creating digital products and services. It’s my favorite conference I have ever been to, and just like last year, I’m a community partner of the event, so I can give away one free ticket to my followers!


To participate in the raffle, subscribe to Webexpo's newsletter:

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Some conditions: the prize is a conference ticket, which provides the winner with access to the program of the conference days May 29-30. Premium Workshops (May 31) are not included in the conference ticket. The conference ticket is not transferable to someone else and there is no refund in case the winner doesn't arrive or cancel. Flight tickets or accommodation are not included in the conference ticket.

So these are the steps:

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WebExpo 2024 Conference website:

📆 WebExpo dates: May 29-31, 2024
📍 Location: Prague, Czechia

🎞️ Here you can watch back previous talks

🏷️And if you want to purchase a ticket, use the code "ANGULAR" at the checkout to get 20% off.

💎Angular Gems of March, 2024

📰Angular Signals: Best Practices

In his article, Evgeniy Tuboltsev (OZ) points out what we should consider when we use signals, computeds, and effects, or mix signals with observables.

📰This is your sign(al) to try TanStack Query & Angular

Robin Goetz explains to us the origins of the TanStack Query data-fetching library and what is a server state. Then he summarizes, what the biggest challenges are, when we manage the server state, and how TanStack Query addresses these issues. He also shows us examples for data queries and mutations, client-side invalidation, and explains how he uses TanStack Query with modern Angular.

📰 Angular with NativeScript: Creating the Blackout Lighting Console

In his blog post, Nathan Walker shares with us how they built the Blackout Lighting Console iOS app using Angular with NativeScript and NgRx state management. For database, they use: SQLite for the local offline database, and Supabase for remote syncable database. They built the UI with Angular templates, Apple's UIKit and SwiftUI open source libraries.

📰 Mastering Angular Unit Testing: Best Practices and Tools

In is article, Sonu Kapoor shares his experiences with unit testing in Angular, covering the following topics:

  • Why should you unit test?
  • Why should you mock and what are the advantages/disadvantages?
  • What are SIFERS and why should you care?
  • What is the Angular Testing Library (ATL)?
  • Testing using SIFERS
  • Querying DOM elements and dispatching events
  • What are jest-auto-spies and observer-spy?

👨‍💻About the author

My name is Gergely Szerovay, I worked as a data scientist and full-stack developer for many years, and I have been working as frontend tech lead, focusing on Angular based frontend development. As part of my role, I'm constantly following how Angular and the frontend development scene in general is evolving. To share my knowledge, I started the Angular Addicts monthly newsletter and publication in 2022, so that I can send you the best resources I come across each month. Whether you are a seasoned Angular Addict or a beginner, I got you covered. Let me know if you would like to be included as a writer. Let’s learn Angular together! Subscribe here 🔥

Angular has evolved very rapidly over the past few years, and in the past year, with the rise of generative AI, our software development workflows have also evolved rapidly. In order to closely follow the evolution of AI-assisted software development, I decided to start building AI tools in public, and publish my progress on Join my on this learning journey: Subscribe here 🚀

Follow me on Substack (Angular Addicts), Substack (, Medium,, Twitter or LinkedIn to learn more about Angular, and how to build AI apps with AI, Typescript, React and Angular!

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