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Angular Addicts #19: Angular 17, NX 17, Storybook 7.5 & more

👋Hey fellow Angular Addict

This is the 19th issue of the Angular Addicts Newsletter, a monthly collection of carefully selected Angular resources that got my attention. (You can read the 18th, 17th, and 16th issue here.)

📢Release announcements

📢Angular v17 is now available!

The latest version of Angular was released this month. Minko Gechev summarizes the most important new features in his release announcement. Also, there is a new home for Angular's documentation: .

In my following articles, I listed out the most important changes and new features, and collected resources that will teach you how these new Angular features work:

📢Nx 17.0 Has Landed

Zack DeRose's article covers the main things you need to know about the new NX version:

  • It’s a Vue-tiful Day for Nx
  • Enhancements to Module Federation Support
  • More Consistent Generator Paths
  • The NEW Nx AI Chatbot
  • More Seamless Integration With Nx Cloud
  • nx.json Simplification
  • Nx Repo Begins Dog-Fooding Nx Workflows
  • Task Graphing Improvements
  • @nx/linter Renamed to @nx/eslint
  • New Experimental Feature: Nx Release
  • Experimental: Nx Project Inference API v2
  • How To Update Nx

📢Introducing Storybook 7.5

In his blog post, Joe Vaughan summarizes the new features of Storybook v7.5::

  • Vite 5 and Lit 3.0 support
  • 2.2x faster start times for React TypeScript projects
  • storiesOf and storyStoreV6 officially deprecated
  • Many Angular improvements: argsToTemplate, new CLI debugging options, support for standalone directives, etc.
  • Support rename font import for Next.js
  • Fix Webpack5 build errors not being propagated


🎫 WebExpo Conf 2024

WebExpo is my all time favorite conference, I can’t wait to attend it next year. It is a conference for developers, designers and anyone involved in creating digital products and services.

WebExpo 2024 Conference website:

📆 WebExpo dates: May 29-31, 2024

📍 Location: Prague, Czechia

🎞️ Here you can watch back previous talks

Now here is your chance to grab tickets for a much lower price, the WebExpo Black Friday sale is ON 💥.

  • If you buy 1 ticket, you get 25% off, use the code: 'BlackFriday23'
  • If you buy at least 3 tickets, you get 30% off, “3BlackFriday23”

The offer expires on Sunday. See you at the conference!

💎Angular Gems of October, 2023

📰Microtask Queue + RxJS + Angular

In his article, Daniel Glejzner explains the difference between microtask and macrotask queues, and how the async observable values are processed in RxJs. Then he explains how and when Zone.js triggers Angular's change detection to update the UI.

📰The Art of Delaying Image Content

In his post, Alejandro Cuba Ruiz summarizes how the HTML img, picture and source tags have evolved during the years, then shows us how to use the standalone NgOptimizedImage directive to serve the appropriate sized image from a CDN and how to enable lazy loading of an image with the help of the new @defer block.

📰Angular Interceptors Unleashed: Solving Complex Scenarios with Ease. Practical Use Cases and Examples

Astrit Shuli demonstrates by examples how Angular HTTP request interceptors work. These interceptors can intercept and modify the HTTP requests and the received responses. Astrit shows us examples for their most common use cases:

  • Authentication Interceptor
  • Error Handling Interceptor
  • Logging Interceptor
  • Caching Interceptor
  • Headers Interceptor
  • Loading Indicator Interceptor
  • Timeout Interceptor
  • Base URL Interceptor
  • Retry Interceptor
  • Offline Mode Interceptor
  • JWT Refresh Token Interceptor
  • Request Timing Interceptor
  • Localization Interceptor
  • Content Security Policy (CSP) Interceptor
  • Compression Interceptor

👨‍💻About the author

My name is Gergely Szerovay, I work as a frontend development chapter lead. Teaching (and learning) Angular is one of my passions. I consume content related to Angular on a daily basis — articles, podcasts, conference talks, you name it.

I created the Angular Addict Newsletter so that I can send you the best resources I come across each month. Whether you are a seasoned Angular Addict or a beginner, I got you covered.

Next to the newsletter, I also have a publication called — you guessed it — Angular Addicts. It is a collection of the resources I find most informative and interesting. Let me know if you would like to be included as a writer.

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