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Angular Addicts #18: Angular 17's New control flow and View transitions, Incremental static regeneration & more

👋Hey fellow Angular Addict

This is the 18th issue of the Angular Addicts Newsletter, a monthly collection of carefully selected Angular resources that got my attention. (You can read the 17th, 16th, and 15th issue here.)

📢Release announcements

📢Nx 16.8 Release

In his blog post, Zack DeRose summarizes the new features of NX 16.8:

  • New project generator behavior: Project Creation Paths and Names in Nx Generators
  • Packaging TypeScript Libraries: Secondary Entry points, ESM, CJS
  • High performance TypeScript compilation: Introducing Batch mode & Rust-based dependency resolution
  • New Playwright Nx plugin
  • New integration: Netlify’s Improved Monorepo Experience
  • Interactive Graph Functionality
  • Storybook Support for Interaction Testing
  • New generators: convert-to-monorepo, ESLint Flat Config

💎Angular Gems of September, 2023

📰Meet Angular’s New Control Flow

Angular 17 will be released this November. It'll include multiple new template related features, including a new built-in syntax for control flow and deferrable views. In this article, Alex Rickabaugh showcases these new features.

📰DOM reading and writing with new lifecycle hooks in Angular

In this tutorial, Connie Leung integrates an Angular app with the Chart.js library to demonstrate how to use Angular's two new lifecycle hooks: afterNextRender and afterRender work.

📰Incremental Static Regeneration for Angular

Enea Jahollari explains how to enable @rx-angular/isr in an SSR Angular Universal App to generate static pages at runtime and then update them incrementally when the underlying data changes.

📰Feature Flags in Angular 16

In his article, Stefan Haas shows us how to implement feature flags to enable or disable features at runtime using manifests, APP_INITIALIZER, structural directives and functional guards.

📰Angular v17’s View Transitions: Navigate in Elegance

A recent commit adds a new feature to support the View Transitions API. This API enables easy animations when transitioning between different DOM states. Netanel Basal explains how to use view transitions from Angular.

👨‍💻About the author

My name is Gergely Szerovay, I work as a frontend development chapter lead. Teaching (and learning) Angular is one of my passions. I consume content related to Angular on a daily basis — articles, podcasts, conference talks, you name it.

I created the Angular Addict Newsletter so that I can send you the best resources I come across each month. Whether you are a seasoned Angular Addict or a beginner, I got you covered.

Next to the newsletter, I also have a publication called — you guessed it — Angular Addicts. It is a collection of the resources I find most informative and interesting. Let me know if you would like to be included as a writer.

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🕹️Previous issues

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