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Angular Addicts #13: Angular v16, NX v16, SPARTAN & more

Angular Addicts #13

👋Hey fellow Angular Addict

📰This is the 13th issue of the Angular Addicts Newsletter, a monthly collection of carefully selected Angular resources that got my attention. (You can read the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth issue here.)

📢Release announcements

📢Angular v16 is now available!

The latest version of Angular has been released last week. Minko Gechev summarizes the most important new features in his release announcement.

I listed out the most important changes and new features, also shared resources that will teach you how these new Angular features work, read my article "Master Angular 16" here.

The biggest highlights of this version are:

  • Signals
  • DestroyRef and takeUntilDestroyed
  • Required inputs
  • Bind Router information to component inputs
  • Node.js v14 support has been removed
  • TypeScript 5.0 Support
  • Angular Compatibility Compiler (ngcc) has been removed
  • Server Side Rendering: Non-destructive hydration + now the results of a request done on the server side can be reused on the client side
  • Strict type checking for ngTemplateOutlet
  • provideServiceWorker function to register service workers in standalone applications
  • Experimental Jest support
  • Vite + Esbuild based dev server.

📢 Nx v16 is here!

Nx v16 is here. Zack DeRose helps us explore the new features:

  • Simpler presets for React, Angular, and Node starter apps
  • Vite and Vitest support for integrated Nx monorepos
  • Official Deno plugin
  • Support for non-npm workspaces to support workspaces focused on other languages like C#, Java, and Kotlin
  • Nx Console for JetBrains IDEs
  • We have decoupled the Nx version from Angular versions allowing you to update Nx without updating Angular

💎Angular Gems of April, 2023

📰 Join the Angular v16/17 Development: — Discover How to Collaborate with the Angular Team!

Daniel Glejzner wrote an article about how the Angular team uses RFCs to discuss upcoming changes and how community contributors can collaborate with the Angular team:

📰 Angular: The Framework of Past, Present, and Future

Santosh Yadav’s post summarizes the history and development of the Angular frontend framework from the AngularJS times to the latest features. He covers the past, the present and the future of build tools, rendering engines, reactivity and change detection.

📰 [Supabase And Angular: A Powerful Combination For Building Web Applications[(

Supabase is an open-source Firebase alternative based on PostgreSQL. Christian Lüdemann showcases us how to create a to-do app with a Supabase backend and Angular frontend: he sets up a Supabase account, creates the database, builds the Angular app and explains how a production Supabase setup works.

📰 SPARTAN. Type-safe Angular full-stack development powered by Analog.

In his step-by-step tutorial, Robin Goetz creates a simple application using the SPARTAN tech stack. SPARTAN consists of Supabase, Prisma, Analog, tRPC, Tailwind, Angular, and Nx.

📰 Lazy loading services in Angular. What?! Yes, we can.

In his article, Enea Jahollari shows us how to use the dynamic import syntax and injectable decorators for lazy loading service instances.

📅Events and recordings

📅WebExpo 2023

WebExpo is one of my favorite conferences, and Angular Addicts is a community partner of the event. 

WebExpo is the largest conference in Central Europe for anyone whose business relates to the internet and who’d want to keep up-to-date.

They shared the recordings of the presentations on SlidesLive:

I summarized my favorite moments here: WebExpo 2023 —a summary from a front-end developer’s perspective

📅Angular Tiny Conf 2023

Angular Tiny Conf shared its 12 hour recording on YouTube.

📅NG-BE 2023

NG-BE is a 2-day event in Ghent, Belgium, that brings together Angular developers and experts from all over the world to share ideas, news and opinions about Angular.

The recordings of NG-BE 2023 are available on this playlist.

💬 Tweets

Here is a collection of my favorite tweets from April, 2023:

🙋‍♂️Who is behind Angular Addicts?

My name is Gergely Szerovay, I work as a frontend development chapter lead. Teaching (and learning) Angular is one of my passions. I consume content related to Angular on a daily basis — articles, podcasts, conference talks, you name it.

I created the Angular Addict Newsletter so that I can send you the best resources I come across each month. Whether you are a seasoned Angular Addict or a beginner, I got you covered.

Next to the newsletter, I also have a publication called — you guessed it — Angular Addicts. It is a collection of the resources I find most informative and interesting. Let me know if you would like to be included as a writer.

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🕹️Previous issues

If you missed the previous issues of the newsletter, you can read them here, these are the latest 3 issues:

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