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First time participating in Hacktoberfest. πŸŽ‰

This has been my first year participating in Hacktoberfest. It's been a tumultuous few weeks with all the spam PRs and contest changes. But here we are with only two weeks left in October. So what did I learn in these first weeks as both a participant and a maintainer?

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

Think about your PR description

I learned to think about my PRs more than what I usually do. Before participating in Hacktoberfest my PRs usually include a few words about what I was trying to add. I was banking on the collaborators to know what the PR does at a quick glaze.

As I've been maintaining a repository as a collaborator during Hacktoberfest as well as contributing. I can with certainty say that's not always the case.

Take your time dealing with spam

One more thing I've learned since the start is to be patient and slow down. When the spam came in, I admit I panicked at first. It didn't seem to end, and I spent most of my time removing spam. Which in retrospect is detrimental to contributors. Since spending more time on spammers means less time on contributors. That's a balance I would like to find someday.


In conclusion, I would say Hacktoberfest is a great challenge to undertake. Even if contributing is new to you. You can always find something if you search hard enough. Just remember to read the necessary documents before contributing. πŸ‘

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