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Discussion on: Mastering Git Stash Workflow

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Kim Hallberg

Great post, been trying to use stash but didn't really understand it so this was a great read. 🤘

Two quick things, since we can use HTML elements in markdown, why not add <addr> to LIFO to show users what the abbreviation stands for?

<addr title="last in, first out">LIFO</addr>

Much simpler than having to open a new tab and google for the definition of it. 🙂

Also, the <item-id> how does that work? I see it's stash@{0} is that a regular zero-based index or something else? the stash@ is that a branch-name? 🤔

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Yankee Maharjan Author

Thank you for the feedback Kim. Updated the LIFO part.

About the item-id, it is a regular zero-based index.