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Discussion on: How to apply CSS class in Javascript?

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Kim Hallberg

IE 11 cannot still be popular, can it? I mean it was years ago we saw signs of it dying down, and especially since Microsoft has dropped support for it's older OS's and Edge now being the new default. 🤔

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Alex Janke

Popular, no. Not at all - I feel like it could die a little faster though, haha. It's only then dead when Microsoft decides to completely remove it from a default win-installation, unfortunately.

Personal experience from my work:
Our work stations have Chrome installed by default. Also, Edge is available. But so is IE11 and most of the older coworkers click it cause "I've always used this one.". I'm also pretty sure that there are quite some old legacy apps in bigger corporations that rely on it. Some (big) companies and or public sectors like I'm working in upgrade reaaaaaaally slowly.