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"tag is to bold the text and also mark this as important part of the text whereas tag is just a visual element to show text in bold format." - maybe want to specify which tag does what? I just saw @iannismccluskey commented about it, but I'll share my thoughts about it too.

I would also recommend reading the book Accessibility for Everyone by Laura Kalbag, I'm currently reading it myself and it's good.


Sorry there was an error (technical error) where it wasn't detecting html tags I wrote in markdown. Would you mind rechecking the section again?


Now it displays the tags. 🙂

Do you like and understand it now?

Yes, the <strong> tag and <b> tag both visually changes the text to bold but only <strong> mark it as important to screen readers if I read that correctly.

Hint, you can use single backticks (`) to indicate code in a paragraph.

Ah thanks for the suggestion didn't knew I could use (`) to mark code I used &lt; and &gt; instead and it gets the work done.

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