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Up and Running with Gatsby — New Course

Joe Eames
Mormon, Christian, Father, Educator, CEO of, Organizer of @ngconf, @frameworksummit & React Conf. Front end developer, and Software Craftsmanship Evangelist.
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Have you heard terms like "Gatsby," "static site generator," and "JAM stack" buzzing around but had no clue what they are? Maybe you've heard of Gatsby but just haven't had the time to sift through the docs and try it out yet. After all, diving into new technology can be overwhelming and confusing, even if you find the time for it. That's where Up and Running with Gatsby by Sam Julien comes in.

In this series of eight hands-on tutorials, Sam walks you step-by-step through all of the fundamental concepts of Gatsby from scratch. In each section, you'll learn just enough of each concept to get you ready for building real-world applications. You'll learn about layouts, querying for data with GraphQL, styling (including CSS-in-JS), image optimization, using Markdown and MDX for content, and much, much more. Each tutorial includes sample code and exercises to make sure you actively learn the material instead of just passively watching (and forgetting!). You'll benefit from this course whether you're a seasoned React developer or just getting started.

Learning Gatsby is also a GREAT way to learn React.

So check it out and see why so many people love Gatsby!

I've been going through this course myself because I think Gatsby is extremely cool and I've really enjoyed how Sam teaches the subject and gives you the hands-on experience to actually get to work with Gatsby. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

Check Out the Course

Happy Coding!

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