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Conventional Commits

Sometimes it's hard to always write simple and clean commits, but we have a simple npm package called git-cz or commitizen wich help us to write better commits:

Follow the instructions at the page above and with a simple command as: git cz at your terminal you'll have the following options:

Image description

I choosed the feat option:

Image description

Now, I add more information

Image description

Then it asks if your code has some BREAKING CHANGES or close any issue

Image description

And this is the result:

Image description

Obviously you can follow the instructions here of how to write better commits but it is very useful to have a little automate help

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Shreyas A S

I'm kinda a manual guy when it comes to commit messages. Somehow, manually writing good commit messages gives me a bit of satisfaction. 😌

Learning about conventional commit messages were a game-changer to my git life IMO. And if a tool helps everybody write good conventional commit messages by automating them and reducing the mental friction in doing so, I'm all for it. ✨

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